We finance, same as cash options available. Get a new roof for as low as $99/mo**.

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Increase your Usable Space

Have you ever dreamed of having more workspace? You don’t have to dream anymore. Here at First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC, we offer a complete and affordable home addition service. We can help you make your home complete. With our help, you can add to the property value of your home while giving yourself more space for work, storage, leisure, or whatever you want. It is our job to bring your dreams to life. All you have to do is tell us what you want and we will take care of the rest. Home addition in Port Huron, MI is just one of the many construction services we offer in order to help our valued customers get the most out of their property. We handle the entire project from beginning to end. We sort through all the building codes so we know exactly what is permissible and what is not. Before we begin, we consult with you to fill you in on what the project will entail, how long it will take, provide a free estimate and help you flesh out your ideas. We want you to be informed throughout the entire project. Still, we will not burden you with unnecessary updates. We have developed an excellent rapport with all of our clients through our personable and intuitive service. Call us at 810-294-5009 to learn more.

putting an addition onto house

We’re Here For You

If you are thinking a home addition may be too expensive, think again. We are also known for being able to work within any budget. First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC offers a number of solutions that help cut costs without compromising on quality. That is something our competitors can’t do because most of them lack our experience. That is why we are the number one choice for home addition in Port Huron, MI. There are many benefits of adding extra rooms to your property. You can create a space that can serve a multitude of purposes. You can create more storage space to de-clutter your home. You can even save money in the long-run if you are paying for a storage unit. Talk to us about a home addition in Port Huron, MI by calling 810-294-5009!

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