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Stone Coated Steel Roof Repair

Stone coated steel roofing in Port Huron, MI is a great option for safeguarding your home against extreme weather. As the name implies, it is made of steel which makes it resistant to fire, hail and even heavy impact. In fact, most of the problems that arise with stone coated roofing is improper installation. Careless roofers may be robbing you of the full benefits of your stone coated steel roofing. But here at First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC, we are experts at stone coated roofing repair. We can fix the problems that other roofers left behind and in very short order. We will provide you with a free estimate upfront. Once you are happy with the price you see, we go straight to work repairing your steel coated steel roof. We offer flexible hours and we are certain we will be able to fit our repair service into your busy schedule. There is no reason to let the good looks or the functionality of your stone coated steel roof slip. When you are in need of stone coated steel roof repair, call on us at 810-294-5009 for affordable help.

Stone Coated Steel Roof Installation

There are tons of advantages to stone coated steel roofing in Port Huron, MI. For one thing, it accurately mimics the look of slate, clay and even architectural shingles for a fraction of the cost. A lot of roofing materials become compromised in frigid temperatures. They freeze, expand, crack and bend. That won’t happen with stone coated steel roofing in Port Huron, MI. Even when the temperatures plummet here, a stone coated steel roof won’t freeze. You may be coveting the look of slate shingles for your home but dreading the cost of materials and installation. The next best thing would be stone coated steel roofing. It can be made to look just like slate tiles without the lofty price tag. Steel is also much lighter than slate so it is easier to install. The lightweight, interlocking patterns of stone coated steel roofing in Port Huron, MI will not put a strain on your building either. It is a great option, so call First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC at 810-294-5009 to learn more about it!

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