Door Installation

An open door.

Open the Door to a Refreshed Home

It is truly amazing at what a new door can do for a home. Rundown doors are ugly, make your home less efficient and can even make it less secure. Improve your home in an instant with our door installation service. We are First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC and we offer door installation in Port Huron, MI. Door installment may seem like an easy process. But if you fail to overlook the slightest detail, your new door can be a huge annoyance to you. When a door isn’t hung right, it can open and close by itself. When it is installed too high from your flooring, it can let drafts in. It is important that you hire a professional to handle your door installation in Port Huron, MI. Our door installation service is administered by the most experienced and skilled carpenters in the area. Call us at (810)-294-5009 to learn more.

Types of Installations

Take a look at just some of the types of doors we can install for you:

  • Steel Security Doors – Enhance the security of your home with one of our steel security doors. These doors are installed quickly as they are attached to your existing framing. In no time at all, you can feel more confident in your home.
  • Fire Safety Doors – We pride ourselves on being up to date with all the latest municipal building requirements. Your home may require a fire-rated door depending on the area you live in. We can help you figure it out. If it turns out that you do need a fire-rated door to stay up to code, or you just want one for the peace of mind and safety it can provide, we can install one for you.
  • Interior Doors – You can count on us to install a new bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or garage access doors and more.
  • Glass Doors – Decorative glass doors add an air of elegance to your home. And, despite some misconceptions about them, it can be made to be incredibly functional as well.

Of course, these are only a few of the types of doors we include in our door installation service. First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC is sure we can install the perfect door for you no matter what. Call us at (810)-294-5009 for door installation in Port Huron, MI!