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Install Roofing Drip Edge

What Is Roofing Drip Edge?

Roofing drip edge plays a crucial role when it comes to protecting your home, it protects all the edges that are susceptible to the elements such as rain and debris. The International Building Code requires a roofing drip edge to be applied on all shingle roofs. I have included a current copy of the Roofing Drip Edge Code, the downloadable version is available at the bottom of the page.

The local roofing company I work for will often get calls for smaller jobs or repairs, and a common product I always hear a lot about is roofing drip edge. It needs to be present in residential homes. If there is no drip edge your insurance company could notice this and possibly make you get it done with threats of dropping your coverage if you fail to comply, so this deserves an honorable mention.

The most common call regarding repairs or small jobs is regarding fascia board or roofing drip edge, and I wanted to post this to give everyone an idea of how simple it is to replace yourself, with minimal experience.

If you are interested in attempting to install it yourself before having a professional roofer come out I would recommend reading this article, watching the video I included if you do all three of these things you should be in pretty good shape.

Hammer and Nails

What Tools and Material Will Be Needed?

To properly install roofing drip edge you will need some basic tools to complete the job. I have included a list and linked them to the corresponding websites to make this a little easier for you to get the job done right the first time.

Helpful Tips to Use When Installing Roofing Drip Edge.

Once you have accepted the challenge of installing the roofing drip edge yourself, you are going to want to know some things that might make it go smoother. I wanted to Provide you some tricks of the trade that might make this DIY project a home run!


Roofing Drip Edge Installation

6-Tips for Installing Roofing Drip Edge
  • Try to get one of your buddies to help you, this job should be a breeze with two people. (Offer them a 6-pack of beer, this tactic always works on my friends…lol)
  • If you take the time to watch the video below you will see Paul Ricalde making an inside corner cut and outside cuts for the corners of the home. The one thing that I have done before is when you make the cut on the drip edge and you overextend and put a crease in it, I always just threw it away and started over. Paul comes up with a simple solution to fix this common issue that takes less than 30-seconds to fix. By taking a 2″x4″ and just shaping the corner again using the board his piece is then ready to again install.
  • I put the putty knife in the list of tools needed because when you need to peel back the starter strip this is really going to help you not damage the existing shingles.
  • After you peel the starter strip back you will then want to look for any nails that might be protruding and start to get them loose with your flat bar. MAKE SURE once they are loose to stop with the flat bar and remove them with your hand so you do not break the shingles and create more work for yourself.
  • After the nails have been carefully been removed don’t worry about the existing holes (they will be overlapped by the shingles.) You still will have to replace them but in new holes.
  • Now you should be just about ready to install the drip edge section. One thing you want to do is make sure the whole 10′ section (if smaller same applies) is being installed flush with the Fascia board before you proceed to put the roofing nails in to secure it. Otherwise, there is a good chance it will kink on you and be very frustrating.
Are There Different Types of Drip Edge?

There are 2 main types of roofing drip edge, regular roofing drip edge is only used on the roof under the shingles. The other type is called drip cap, this is applied to the top portion of the windows and doors.

Questions And Answers

How to Install Drip Edge

This is a great step-by-step tutorial with
Paul Ricalde and he makes it look simple! If you like his video you should swing by his YouTube channel. Pauls Tool Box and subscribe to his channel where he has a whole library of DIY home repair tutorials. Paul Takes You Step By Step On How To Install Roofing Drip Edge


I sure hope this post created value for you and maybe after watching discovering this, you may decide to tackle this project on your own. On the other hand, this is out of your realm of expertise we offer installation services for most parts of Southern Michigan. You can either give us a call at 810-294-5009 or follow this CONTACT US to our contact us page. Once you fill out the form I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

Roofing Drip Edge Code (Printable) Download

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