Roof Leak Repair

We Can Help You With All of Your Roof Leak Repair

Let Us Fix Your Leaky Roof

Roof leaks are one of the most difficult roof problems to track down. As a home or business owner, you may not know exactly where your leak is coming from. But here at First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC, we are roof experts and we can quickly identify the source of any kind of roof leak. Trust us, when you are dealing with a leak in your roof, you need to work with a roofer who can quickly get to the root of the problem. In rainy or snowy weather, roof leaks can spell disaster for your home. We offer roof leak repair in Port Huron, MI to help you mitigate water damage and secure your roof once again. You can even call us in our off hours because we provide 24/7 emergency roof repair as well. We also give free quotes. We know that roof leaks can cause a lot of damage to your home so we try to save you money in any way we can. If you are dealing with a roof leak, give us a call and we will send someone out right away to give you a free estimate and get started fixing your roof. It is important to address a roof leak as soon as you notice it. Call us at (810)-294-5009 at the first sign of your need for roof leak repair in Port Huron, MI!

Identifying the Cause of your Leak

No roof leak repairs can be made until the cause of the leak is determined. There are many vulnerable areas of your roof that can spring a leak. No matter what kind of leak you are dealing with, we promise to find its source and fix it quickly. Here are just some of the types of roof leaks that we can fix:

  • Leaks Caused by Faulty Flashing – Flashing can be an issue especially for roofs with chimneys. There are 4 different types of flashing that are used to seal a chimney. There is also counter flashing that is meant to seal the mortar of brick chimneys. When the soldering is broken on any of these types of flashing, you could be dealing with a deluge of water being leaked into your home.
  • Valley Leaks – The valley of a roof is where two roofing panels intersect. They can be very problematic because not all roofers properly lace shingles together. They may also neglect to cut the shingle so that the chisel point is shaped to wick away water. When the necessary steps are not taken, a leak at the valley point of your roof can occur.
  • Ice Dam Leaks – Ice dam leaks are caused when ice builds up on certain areas of your roof. They can cause water to leak underneath shingles, flashing and other roofing components. Ice dams restrict the normal flow of water down your roofline and cause a lot of damage to your home.

Our Roof Leak Repair is Uncompromised

Here at First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC, we are especially adept at identifying the cause of roof leaks. That is why we are the most reliable choice when it comes to roof leak repair in Port Huron, MI. Our service is speedy, affordable and we do what it takes to make sure that your roof leak doesn’t cause you any problems in the future. Dial (810)-294-5009 when you need roof leak repair in Port Huron, MI!