Roof Hail Damage Repairs

hail on roof

Serious Storms Require Serious Roof Repair

Hail storms can be merciless. Hailstones can be as small as peas or as large as baseballs. But even smaller hail storms can be detrimental to your roof. There are a lot of factors that come into play in regards to the damage that hailstones can do to your roof. For example, the direction of the wind and how strong it is can turn tiny hailstones into speeding bullets. This is why you may notice sometimes after a hail storm, that only on a portion of your roof was damaged. The fact is that hail storms, and the damage they inflict, are unpredictable. That is why it is crucial that you have the name of a good roof hail damage repair contractor on hand. Here at First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC, we have been helping people recover after hail storms for a quarter of a century. Our roof hail damage repair service is second to none. We can quickly identify hail damage no matter what form it takes. When you know what kind of hail damage you are dealing with, you are better prepared to correct the problem. Please give us a call at (810)-294-5009 for your roof hail damage repair in Port Huron, MI.

Signs and Symptoms of Hail Damage

No matter how extensive your roof damage may be or what kind of roofing material you have, we can handle all of the repairs. Different types of roofing material have their own unique way of responding to hail impact. Here are some of the tell-tale signs of hail damage based on some of the most popular types of shingle material:

  • Asphalt ShinglesAsphalt shingles will usually lose granules when impacted with hail. They may also exhibit dark, almost black little marks on them. Hail impact will also make asphalt shingles feel suppler to the touch as they lose their rigidity.
  • Composite Shingles – Hail damage to composite shingles are a bit more difficult to discern. The damage pattern is often erratic with no obvious pattern. Still, hail damage will usually leave composite shingles with a glossy sheen. That might sound like a good thing, but trust us, it isn’t.
  • Wood Shingles – Wood shingles don’t fare too well against strong hail storms. Hailstones will typically split the entire shingle. You may also see a rust/orange discoloration on wood shingles that have been struck with hale. You may see this because high-velocity hail stones split wood shingles, embed themselves in the split and melt on or inside of the shingle.

Great Deals on Roof Repair

You never know when the weather will take a turn for the worst. It is something that is out of our control and we don’t want you to have to pay through the nose in the aftermath of a bad hail storm. That is why you can always count on us for fair prices on roof hail damage repair in Port Huron, MI. It all starts with a 100% free, no-obligation estimate. It ends with a perfectly restored roof. Please dial (810)-294-5009 today!

We Want To Help With Your Roof Hail Damage Repair

If your roof has become damaged by hail, we want to help. We are capable of complete hail storm damage repair. We can even come up with a custom roofing system that will hold up against future hail storms. We want you to be protected no matter what the weather has in store. Call us at (810)-294-5009 for roof hail damage repair in Port Huron, MI!