Commercial Roof Restoration in Port Huron, MI

A Great Alternative

You may be looking at your roof and dreading how much money you will have to sink into its renovation. Not a lot of people are familiar with roof restoration but it is a great alternative to full-on renovation projects. In many cases, complete roof replacement services can be avoided with some attentive and professional roof restoration work. Here at First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC, we want you to know that we offer complete roof restoration in Port Huron, MI. The reason we are so enthusiastic about a roof restoration, and telling people about it, is because it can save thousands of dollars. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, it is a great investment. A good roof restoration will instantly enhance the curbside appeal of your home, even if your roof is decades old. If at any time you have questions about this service and how it can benefit you, call us at (810)-294-5009!

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Maximize Your Roof’s Life

Even if you are not planning to sell your home, a roof restoration is great for maximizing the life of your existing roof. Roof restoration addresses some of the smaller yet pivotal aspects of roof maintenance. All it takes is some light, non-invasive work to make your roof last longer. But what is roof restoration? What does it address? What kind of work does it involve? Take a look at the following breakdown of our comprehensive roof restoration in Port Huron, MI.

Addressing Leaks

One of the most important aspects of our roof restoration service is leak repair. Roof leaks can be very dangerous for your home so we make sure we properly patch or otherwise repair leaks in the course of roof restoration.

Flashing Repair

Flashing with broken soldering needs to be replaced in order to keep air, moisture, and insects out of your home.

Gutter Service

When you hire us for roof restoration in Port Huron, MI, we include gutter service. This means we will repair, replace and even clean out your gutters and downpipes.

Shingle Repair and Replacement

Broken shingles not only look bad, but they also expose your roof deck to the elements. Our roof restoration service includes shingle repair and replacement. It is a small yet effective step toward making your roof look better.

Roof Cleaning

After all the serious work is done, we make sure to clean off your roofline. By the time we are done, your roof and your home will look clean and attractive.

We Can Restore Any Kind of Roof

You may think that only shingle roofs are eligible for restoration service. That may be the case for some roofing contractors, but not for us. No matter what kind of roof you need to be restored to its former glory, we can do it. Here are just a few of the kinds of roofs we can restore:

  • Commercial Roofing – Even large commercial roofs are no problem for our team. We will help make your business look newer and more attractive to customers.
  • Metal Roofs – Metal roofs are subject to leaking at the seams. Our restoration service addresses those leaks and turns back the clock on your metal roofing.
  • Tile Roofing – No matter what kind of roofing tiles you have, they will look like new by the time we are done with them.
commercial roof restoration

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There is a lot of care that goes into our roof restoration work. We know that to truly make a difference, we need to pay attention to the smallest details. First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC clients know us to be very precise with our restoration work. They turn to us when they want to totally reimagine their place of business without breaking the bank. While we do offer full roof replacement service, you can count on us to let you know if restoration is a better choice. We begin by doing a thorough assessment of your property. We inspect, flashing, shingles, soffits, fascia, chimneys, gutters and more. If our experts determine that a roof restoration is an option for you, they will let you know. You will receive a detailed estimate for the work in writing, free of charge. Our roof restoration in Port Huron, MI is so highly sought after because it makes entire properties look better and because it extends the life of all kinds of roofs. To learn more, call us at (810)-294-5009!