Window Replacement

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Replace Your Old Windows and Improve Your Property

Upgrading your old windows can enhance your commercial or residential property in many ways. In some cases, it can even increase the value of the property! Old, out of date windows can not only be bringing the looks of your property down, but they can also actually be costing you money. Here at First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC, we specialize in a number of simple yet crucial home improvement services. For the last 25 years, we have been in tune with the concerns and desires of our clients as they pertain to their properties. That is why we offer helpful services to alleviate those concerns. When you work with us, you get all of these great advantages and so much more. All of our window installations are done by experienced tradesmen. Remember, we have been in business for 25 years. We know how to professionally install any kind of window you have your heart set on. Give us a call at (810)-294-5009 when you are considering window replacement in Port Huron, MI.

Replacement Advantages

We Rely Only On The Best Products Available. We Choose To Use Pella For Our Window Replacements and Installations!

You can hire us for window replacement in Port Huron, MI any time you need it. Window replacement holds many advantages for your home. Here are just a few:

  • Improved insulation – Modern windows (especially double-paned windows) can significantly increase your property’s insulation. They keep the cold out in the winter and keep your house cooler in the summer. Of course, all of this adds up to more savings on your utility bills.
  • Improved Safety – Old windows can pose a serious safety risk for your home or place of business. Weak glass or framing could easily give way in a bad wind or snowstorm, sending shards of glass all over the place. If safety is a concern for you, contact us about our window replacement in Port Huron, MI
  • Better Protection from Water Damage – Damaged windows are an easy entry point for moisture. When your windows are cracked or have been jostled out of the framing, water can easily seep in. If you are noticing excessive moisture pooling on your window sills or on the glass itself, it is time to consider replacing the window.
  • Better Operation – Older windows can sag in the framing. This makes it difficult to open and close. New windows will operate smoothly.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – Newer windows just look better. Whether you own a home or business, upgrading your windows is a quick and simple way to improve the way it looks.

Types of Windows

Carpentry goes hand-in-hand with roofing work. That is why we have worked so hard to offer the kinds of carpentry services that our customers want and need. Just take a look at the different kinds of windows we can install for you:

  • Double Hung Windows – Double hung windows stay affixed in the framing, which means they don’t jut out in any direction. The perk to this type of window is that they can open from the bottom of the top portion.
  • Casement Windows – Casement windows are usually operated by a crank and open outward. They are great for any area of your home or place of business that needs ample airflow.
  • Slider Windows – This is a very common type of window because they are economical, easy to open and close, and straightforward. At least one portion of the window slides open and shut on a track.
  • Bay Windows – Bay windows are great for areas that need a lot of natural light. They do not open but don’t take up interior space. They protrude away from the building to provide maximum interior space.
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The Choice is Yours

We like to give our customers as many options as possible. We know that everyone has different tastes. You shouldn’t be pigeon-holed to just a few choices, especially when it comes to window replacement. After all, you are spending good money on a window upgrade. Why shouldn’t you get exactly what you want? You can when you work with us. We can install virtually any kind of window you want for your home or your place of business. These are just a few of the kinds of windows we can replace and install for you. You can count on First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC for consultation service as well. We know it may be difficult to choose a style of window that will be right for your home or place of business. It is our goal to make the choice clear to you. You can rely on our expertise. Call us at (810)-294-5009 for window replacement in Port Huron, MI!