Synthetic Shingle Repair & Installation

A roof with tan shingles.

Synthetic Shingle Installation

It is important to carefully consider which types of shingles to install on your roof. Things like weather, sun exposure, trees, and your own preferences are all aspects to account for. One option for shingles that we have found to meet the needs of a variety of home and business owners, is synthetic shingles. That is why we offer synthetic shingle installation in Port Huron, MI here at First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC. We guarantee all of our work and offer long-lasting warranties. Give us a call at (810)-294-5009 for quality synthetic shingle installation in Port Huron, MI!

Benefits of Synthetic Shingles

We have seen how well synthetic shingles stand up to the elements and all the other benefits that they offer. When you are ready to reap all of these benefits, call on us for synthetic shingle installation in Port Huron, MI.

  • Impact Resistance – Your roof bears the brunt of all types of impact. Hail, tree limbs, falling branches and debris blown by the wind can seriously damage your shingles. Synthetic shingles are great because they offer exceptional defense against impact damage. Some of them are Class 4 impact rated, which is the highest impact rating synthetic shingles can achieve.
  • Better Color Retention – UV rays constantly bombard your roof and shingles. Over time, this exposure can fade the color from your shingles. While natural shingles can be treated to offer enhanced color retention, nothing beats synthetic shingles. Synthetic shingles can be made to retain their color for decades.
  • Economical – Synthetic material will always be cheaper than natural materials like slate. They also cost less to install because they are lighter.
  • More Durable – Synthetic shingles are also more durable overall. They do not crack or chip as easily as natural shingle material. This means you will not have to spend as much for synthetic shingle replacement as you would for natural shingles because synthetic materials don’t break as often.
Background of Red Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingle Repair

If you already have synthetic shingles installed on your roof but need some repairs, we can help. We offer affordable and secure synthetic shingle repair and replacement services. You won’t have to wait around a long time for us to finish the job either. We know that you are busy. That’s why we offer swift synthetic shingle repair service. We can also work within your busy schedule. Our hours are flexible and we can accommodate your available time frames. We can repair all kinds of synthetic shingles too. We have seen all kinds of synthetic shingle damage and have never had to turn a job down due to inexperience. Don’t waste any of your valuable time. When you need synthetic shingle replacement, repair or synthetic shingle installation in Port Huron, MI call(810)-294-5009 first for First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC!